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Lantek Software

JW Laser Invests In Lantek Software

JW Laser, based in Oldham, is a leading provider of high-quality laser cutting services for various industries. Recently, the company invested in Lantek programming software, the most advanced system for sheet metal laser cut parts.

Lantek Expert provides JW Laser with advanced nesting algorithms and machining strategies. This allows us to configure tables via material/thickness, defining the separation between parts and lead-ins/lead-outs for different types of contours and dependent on material/thickness and cutting quality. JW Laser can even common cut between different parts or limit to pairs of parts with micro-joints and pre-cuts. With this system, we can easily detect any errors in design and machining, and the entire process is automated.

Investing in Lantek software has allowed JW Laser to take our laser cutting to the next level. With advanced technology, we can now handle even the most complex projects with precision and accuracy. Whether a client needs intricate designs or larger-scale projects, JW Laser can deliver exceptional results.

At JW Laser, customer satisfaction is a top priority. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and timely delivery, making us a reliable partner for businesses seeking efficient and high-quality laser cutting solutions. With the investment in Lantek software, JW Laser can offer an even more streamlined and advanced service to our clients.

With this advanced technology, we can provide precise and accurate cutting for even the most complex projects. The company’s dedication to excellent customer service and timely delivery makes them a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality laser cutting solutions. To learn more about JW Laser and their services, visit their website at

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